Automation Personnel Services Works Closely with Job SeekersSince 1990, Automation Personnel Services Inc. has worked closely with individuals seeking temporary positions in the light industrial sector. Positions filled by the company include data entry and telemarketers, as well as electronic technicians, production and maintenance workers, and many more. Positions are for various skill levels are available. To become an employee with Automation Personnel Services, job seekers must first complete the application process. 

Once the application process is complete, job seekers are encouraged to call the company’s local branch office each week they are available to work. After telling the company what type of work they would like, job seekers are placed on a HOT list and asked to stand by for an assignment that fits their skills and qualifications. Job seekers have the freedom to accept or decline any offer. Additionally, open positions are posted online on the company’s website.

The company offers eligible employees a benefits package, which includes one-week paid vacation, six paid holidays every year, a 401(k) plan, ACA-compliant health insurance for eligible employees, health insurance at group rates, bonuses, and career counseling. Automation Personnel Services pays employees weekly.


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