Staffing Companies Make Job Seeking More Efficient

Automation Personnel Services pic
Automation Personnel Services


Automation Personnel Services is one of the country’s leading staffing companies. The company is committed to helping people achieve their career goals. To attract and retain the best employees, Automation Personnel Services offers a benefits package that includes paid holidays and vacation time, group-rate health insurance, bonuses, career counseling, and training. Automation offers job seekers access to resources such as the Talent Network to proactively assist in their search for specific employment opportunities.

Joining the Automation Personnel Services Talent Network enhances the job search experience such as receiving email alerts with new job opportunities that match your interests. You also receive relevant communications and updates from our organization including honing interview skills and writing resumes, and access to share job opportunities with family and friends through Social Media or email. Candidates can communicate with our branches on social media, and when they follow our branches Facebook pages, they are notified first when new employment opportunities open.

Positions filled by the Automation Personnel Services include electronics, manufacturing design and development, engineering services, construction, material production, and more. Knowledge of the job market within the light industrial sector makes Automation Personnel Services a valuable tool when searching for work.


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