CNC Programmers are Needed in Manufacturing

CNC programmer
CNC programmer


Automation Personnel Services provides temporary, temp-to- hire, and direct hire personnel for employers that wish to

fill any positions. Automation Personnel Services, Inc. is consistently hiring for skilled CNC Operators, CNC Machinists,

and CNC Programmers for manufacturing positions. (Take A Look At Our Available CNC Jobs Now)

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) programmer sets up and programs the machines that cut, shape, and finish

materials like metals, plastics, or wood. These components are then used to complete the manufacturing part. The CNC

programmer uses the information on the drawing or blueprint to assess which machines are needed to manufacture the

component. The CNC programmer will advise upon which machines are required, what the machines will do, and which

materials will be needed for the component.

A CNC programmer works in a controlled environment with a computer but may also work with the clients and with the

CNC Operators and Machinists if adjustments are needed. A CNC programmer needs a certificate or associate's degree

in CNC programming, machine tool programming, or a related field. Sometimes a bachelor's degree is required if one

wants to work in management, plus two to five years of CNC programming experience.


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